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App Dev Club is a group of students at UMD who have a burning desire to develop mobile apps. We are committed to providing our members with the latest tools in mobile app development, including React Native, Flutter, Swift, and Xamarin, to allow them to rapidly stand up the app they have always dreamed of. Our top-tier student mentors, who have software engineering experience at industry-leading titans such as PayPal, Capital One, BD, Praxis Engineering, the NSA, and First Republic Bank, will oversee both weekly technical workshops and semesterly project teams, where students within the club work collaboratively to hone their skills by developing a mobile app. We hope you are interested in this group and join us.


We're still planning our events. Check back soon to see our exciting schedule of events for the upcoming semester.

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Aidan Melvin

President & Tech Lead

Ian Morrill

Treasurer & Tech Lead

Matt Gashaw

Vice President & Tech Lead

Akshaj Gaur

Tech Lead

DJ Figueroa

Tech Lead

Luke Vernon

Tech Lead